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The Living & Dying Consciously Project


The No Regrets Project is a project of The Living & Dying Consciously Project.

The mission of The Living and Dying Consciously Project is to help individuals live consciously - through all of life's phases – knowing that meeting death is inevitable.

We seek to assist by bringing ancient traditions into the modern world. The wisdom of these ancient rituals –  sacred space, ceremony and rites of passage that honor all of life’s phases and transitions – help us to live with integrity in line with our values.

We are dedicated to developing a conscious community of teachers who will provide information and coaching services to help ease the complexities of living, aging and dying. We wish to empower them to hold sacred space, step into ceremony and practice rites of passage so that a measure of peace can be found. We offer workshops to bring this wisdom to all those involved in the process of living with dying.

Our activities include developing and maintaining a website as a resource for the general public; providing ongoing support for our teachers and volunteers through continuing education coursework and educational materials; raising visibility for our mission, activities and services through community relations, public appearances and workshop/conference participation; and promoting and engaging in ceremonies in local communities. 

Based in Boulder, Colorado, The Living & Dying Consciously Project is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. The Living and Dying Consciously Project is not associated with any religious organization and does not subscribe to any one particular spiritual belief.