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The No Regrets Story

The No Regrets Story

Many people express regrets at the end of their lives, reflecting back and musings "if only..." Most of these regrets are simple and straightforward, and have been well chronicled in recent best sellers and media articles. 

But what if a simple, personal reminder about how to live life more fully could be the catalyst to change that pattern? That is the seed from which the No Regrets Project was born. 

The idea for the project grew from the heart of Boulder resident Patti Pansa, an experienced life coach, courageous leader and creative catalyst for positive change. Patti approached life by living it fully and consciously; her near-death experiences and diagnosis of stage 4 cancer gave impetus to her desire to arrive at the transition from this life to the next without regrets.

It was Patti's idea to engrave five simple, powerful statements onto uniquely designed metal bracelets. These simple statements remind those who wear them to connect to what is truly important and – perhaps – to do things a different way,
to make some different choices,
to live a life with no regrets.

Patti's wisdom, guidance and intuition represent the heart, soul and spirit of the No Regrets Project, leaving behind a road map for those seeking to create the life they have imagined, with awareness, perception and authenticity. 



All proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will benefit the national non-profit Living & Dying Consciously Project, dedicated to helping individuals live consciously during the dying process.